Tidland Air Shafts, Chucks and Slitting Systems - Creators of the very first air shaft. Offering a durable line of button shafts, pad shafts, lug shafts and leaf shafts, air chucks, slitting systems, knifeholders and Boschert safety chucks. FIFE      MAGPOWR      TIDLAND      MAXCESS INTERNATIONAL
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welcome to Tidland - advanced slitting and winding solutions for every application


Advanced slitting and winding solutions for every application

Since creating the very first air shaft, we've been committed to building products that are durable, designed for easy use, and engineered for reliable, long-lasting operation. As a result, we have developed some of the most effective slitting and winding products you'll find on the market today, including our innovative line of air shafts (button, pad, lug,leaf, or composite), air chucks, slitting systems, and Boschert safety chucks.

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